Leaders In Roof Consulting

At Advanced Roof Management Associates, Inc., our only mission is to find the most cost effective solutions for your commercial roofing needs. We provide unbiased recommendations, allowing you to make the best choice for your unique financial, short-term, and long-term goals. Our clients are assured of having all the appropriate options available when making roofing decisions.

Roofing is a valuable, necessary corporate asset which can unfortunately become a nagging expense and headache with inappropriate solutions. Quick fixes, and often expensive solutions, can result in added costs when the roofing solution is not specific to your needs and situation.

Roof Consultants

Helping Clients Save Money

We help you save money. Our approach is to pursue the repair of existing roofs and extend service life where possible. Many roofs can be saved, but instead are replaced unnecessarily. If and when it is the time for replacement, we specify solutions specific to your building, your budget, and your goals.

Once roof conditions are fully assessed, we move forward with ARM's 4-point strategy.

ARM's 4-Point Strategy

1. Investigate and examine the options.

2. Create comprehensive specifications.

3. Prequalify and select the best contractors for the specific job.

4. Conduct on-site construction management


Why We Are Different

As an independent roof consulting firm, our customers are assured the most cost effective solutions to their unique roofing problems.

We are not affiliated with any roofing manufacturers nor contractors, we earn no commissions on materials selected and have only one priority when it comes to selecting contractors or materials for a job: the best interests of our client.